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Dustsolv dust suppression systems provide a cost effective and lasting means of dust control, surface stabilisation, compaction and water reduction solutions for a variety of applications, ranging from unsealed roads, rural roads, haul roads, open cut mining sites, quarries and so on.

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Dustsolv’s advanced formulation is available in solvent and water borne format to allow for a wider variety of uses in the control of fugitive dust emissions. This is done by penetrating and bonding the dust and aggregate particles together to create a flexible, durable and water proof surface that offers enhanced load-bearing qualities. In fact, depending on the aggregate, soil type and preparation, Dustsolv treated surfaces  look like sealed roadways even after three applications.

Dustsolv is applied with a solvent or water borne carrier, but rapidly dries to a waterproof surface, which means treated surfaces aren’t washed out by rain or  water run-off.

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Dustsolv is environmentally friendly due to its neutral cure and non-leaching characteristics. Dustsolv - solvent based, also utilises recycled solvents in its manufacturing process, further reducing its impact on the environment.


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